Congressional Hispanic Leadership Institute

Global Leaders



CHLI Global Leaders Internship & Fellowship Program


The Program

A 15 week internship program working in Congressional and corporate offices in Washington D.C. Students also earn academic credit hours from the George Washington University. Students will work on project-based programs that provide hands-on experience and also strengthen their understanding of public policy. The program takes place in the spring and in the fall semester of each year. 

How it Works

Week 1: Orientation to Washington, D.C.
Weeks 2-7: Congressional Office Placement
Weeks 7-15: Corporate Office Placement

Program Benefits

Participants in the CHLI Global Leaders Program will gain intensive experience working on projects that make a difference. Participants will gain exposure to policy from many different lenses, and gain relevant working experience. This fully-paid internship experience covers the cost of housing in-full, round trip airfare, and a living/travel stipend. Participants are expected to be high performers who are able to manage multiple tasks and deadlines, as well as go-getters who will take advantage of every opportunity Washington, DC has to offer. 

Eligibility Requirements

Participants must be a currently enrolled Junior or Senior, in a 4-year college/university, or be within one calendar year of their undergraduate graduation date. 

Participants must be currently residing within the continental United States (Also includes HI, AK, & PR).

Participants must be current U.S. Citizens to be eligible to work on Capitol Hill. 

Preference given to applicants of Hispanic, Latino, or Portuguese descent. 




Being part of the Global Leaders program was an amazing closing to my undergraduate career. I got the opportunity to meet incredible young professionals and build a strong network. I got to learn a lot about myself and solidify my passion for public policy. Thanks to the Global Leaders program I am now more prepared to continue to pursue my career and serve my community.

- Sol Ortega, Spring 2017 GL

I cannot thank enough Lincoln Diaz-Balart and the whole team who remained committed to the dream of creating an organization focused on the professional development of young professionals. Everyday that I go to work I think about how different my life would be if I had not submitted my application for the CHLI Global Leaders Program. I gained applicable job skills that helped me land a full-time job on the hill. I am grateful to the CHLI Global Leaders Program and what it did to help me feel prepared for the next step in both my personal life and professional career.



- Jake Orta, Spring 2016 GL